Our Financial Products

Pick the product that works best for you and your business

Flexible Credit Line

£10k - £100k

Do you have unpaid customer invoices? Our flexible credit line allows you to get short term funding for every unpaid invoice you upload to the platform. The facility can be used whenever you would like it, and you pay one flat fee. Simple and easy to understand.

4 - 16 weekly repayments
Flat fee of 0.5% - 2% per week

Required: £150,000 in turnover, debenture and director guarantee

Ledger Loan

£30k - £500k

Our Ledger Loans allow you to take a loan of up to 12 months. We take a look at how much you are currently owed by your customers, and agree to fund you up to 100% of what you are owed. Repayments are taken weekly, using direct debit

26 - 52 weekly repayments
1.5% - 3.5% per month

Required: £250,000 in turnover, debenture and director guarantee. Top debtors are verified at setup. Preference for Directors who are homeowners

Invoice Finance

£100k - £1m

Our selective Invoice Finance product is one of the most innovative in the market. Simply upload your invoice to our platform, and click “Get Funded”. You will have a chance to approve the financing terms before each transaction, and we will give you a dedicated Invoice Cycle bank account, where your client can make payment. Use the facility as often or as little as you like!

4 - 26 weeks
0.5% - 2% per week

Required: £500,000 in turnover, debenture and director guarantee. Each financed invoice must be verified. Preference for Directors who are homeowners


The amount you can borrow depends on which product you are approved for. Our maximum facility size is £1 million, using our Invoice Finance product.
Yes. As you complete repayments successfully, you build your credit profile with Invoice Cycle and this will likely reduce your fees after 6 months.
Yes. As long as repayments are made in a timely fashion, we leave you in charge of managing collections.
Verification varies by product.

Flexible Credit Line: Where we see clear evidence of previous payments in your bank account, and have a clear paper trail, we do not need to do an additional verification with your customers. That said, we may make ad-hoc verification checks. We will always notify you of this ahead of time. This may be triggered by a missed repayment, a request to increase your credit limit, or as part of our standard monitoring.

For our ledger loan, we verify some of your top customers as part of the setup process.

For our Invoice Finance product we verify every financed invoice, and give you a designated bank account for your customer to pay into.
We work with you to find the most appropriate way to verify your invoices. Generally we will ask you for a contact in your customer’s finance department and call or email them to verify the invoice details on your behalf. If prefered, we can use a third party to do this verification, although this incurs an additional fee.
We charge a flat fee for financing, and you will see the exact fee and have an option to accept it each time you request funds. The fee may vary slightly depending on the debtor, or your recent repayment history, but will be within the ranges detailed in our product guide.
Our finance fee is one, simple flat fee. For our ledger loan we charge an arrangement fee because it takes some additional work to set this up, but for both Credit Line and Invoice Finance there are ZERO setup fees. That said, we do charge a non-utilisation fee if you do not draw down the facility within 3 months. We do spend a lot of time and effort working with our customers to make sure we give them the right product, so please don't accept an offer unless you’re intending to use it.
Our advances are made with full recourse so, if your client doesn’t pay on time, you will be obliged to make the payment on their behalf. We will of course do everything we can to help you resolve the payment with your client, and work with you to manage your own repayments.